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Florida’s Key deer face tough road during hurricane season

The habitat of Florida’s Key deer population is under attack. But unlike other endangered species in the United States who are threatened in part due to...

NBC6 Responds: How to shop at a zero-waste store

Millions of tons of plastic products end up in landfills in the United States each year, where they are often incinerated because they cannot be recycled...

25 Ways to Reduce Deforestation – and Forest-Supporting Materials to Use in Our Homes

Concerns about deforestation and its role in climate change are increasing. With the World Wildlife Fund revealing that deforestation accounts for around 15% of global greenhouse...

PM Update: Isolated showers this evening ahead of a toastier weekend

Average highs are now in the mid-80s, so we’ve been a little spoiled on that side amid the terrible air. If it wasn’t for those wildfires,...

Canadian wildfire smoke causes worst air pollution in US on record

US had its worst toxic air pollution from wildfire smoke in recent history on Wednesday. People in New York were exposed to pollution levels more than five times above the

Wildfire smoke and poor air quality can cause body discomfort—here’s how to ease symptoms

The effects of wildfire smoke on your body can range from irritating to harmful. Here are products that can help ease uncomfortable symptoms.

Smoke from Canadian wildfires is now affecting Maine — and could worsen by Sunday

Smoke from the wildfires in Canada is finally affecting the air quality along Maine's coast on Friday — and it could worsen by Sunday. Martha Webster,...

Some Delivery Workers Biked 50 Miles in the Thick of the NYC Wildfire Smog: ‘It’s an Ominous Feeling’

On Wednesday, the streets were emptier in midtown Manhattan with many employees working from home due to the dangerous air quality brought on by Canada's wildfires....

Will Wildfires Like These Become the New Normal?

NEW YORK — With so much toxic wildfire smoke moving across the Canadian border and upending life across the eastern United States, it raises a troubling question: Will there be

‘Quite crazy’ dog face masks surge as wildfire smoke engulfs New York

With the ruff air quality, pet parents in the Big Apple are taking extra precautions to keep their fur babies safe as the northern wildfires persist. New Yorker Paige Chernick

Wildfire Smoke Affects US East Coast, GameStop CEO Ousted, GM Partners with Tesla

Toxic air from Canadian wildfires is affecting several US northeast states, causing poor air quality and significant flight delays in New York City airports. President Joe Biden has pledged support

Are the Orange Skies Here to Stay?

The Climate Crisis Was Always Real. Now It's in Your Lungs As smoke lifts for East Coast cities this weekend, take a deep breath. And then hold it, because this

N.J. air quality alerts continue, but smoke eases ahead of warm weekend

All 21 counties in New Jersey remain under a “code orange” air quality alert through midnight Friday, even though the sky is looking clearer because less...

Haze from Canadian wildfires eases as reinforcements from abroad arrive

MONTREAL (AP) — The hazardous haze from wildfires in Canada’s northeast eased there and throughout much of northeastern United States on Friday, but Canadian officials warned...

Bad air quality a routine peril for many countries

Thick, smoky air from Canadian wildfires made for days of misery in New York City and across the U.S. Northeast...

Hurricane season expected ‘near normal’

A near-normal Atlantic hurricane season for 2023 is on the way, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Climate Administration (NOAA) Prediction Center, which is a division of the National

Surviving the Smoke: Navigating Wildfire Smoke – What You Need to Do

wildfire smoke illustrationPhoto byNick HerasimenkaonUnsplash. Wildfires can have a significant impact on the environment and human health, especially when it comes to the smoke they produce. Wildfire smoke contains harmful

Another day of unhealthy air is forecast in parts of the U.S. due to Canada wildfire smoke

Unhealthy air in parts of the United States was forecast for another day Friday as smoke from Canada wildfires continued to be brought south by winds,...

Rising Temperatures Increase Risk of Smoke-Heavy Fire Seasons Across the US

The East Coast of the United States has recently dealt with smoke from wildfires, and experts warn that such incidents may become more frequent due to increasing temperatures. New York,

Arctic on the Verge of Ice-Free Summers by the 2030s, Study Finds

Startling new research indicates that the Arctic's summer sea ice could vanish much earlier than previously projected, maybe as soon as the 2030s. Even if significant efforts are made to

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